7 top applications for IoT technology in day-to-day life

Image, KROMKRATHOG at FreeDigitalPhotos.net The Internet of Things or IoT is all about the interconnection and interaction of digital and physical devices, systems and services using the Internet. And this whole notion of connecting “things” to the Internet is sure to impact on the way we live our lives significantly in the future.  Imminently, we’re about to see our homes ... Read More

Top Technologies for 2015

Top Technologies for 2015.The turn of the year is a great time to look back on the year that’s passed and look forward to what the year ahead might hold.  This approach is true in business, in our personal lives and particularly in the world of technology.  I especially like this time of year because it gives us a point ... Read More

Dimensional Imaging celebrates 12 years in business

Hillington Park Innovation Centre client Dimensional Imaging celebrate 12 years in business. Founded by Colin Urquhart and Dug Green as a spin-out from the Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh in 2003, DI has pioneered the use of passive stereo photogrammetry for the capture of high definition 3D models. Their technology has been extended to the capture of 3D model sequences ... Read More

Getting your ducks in row for launch

How do you get your business ready for launch? No matter whether your tech start-up is product, service or software orientated, when the time comes to launch it can test the strongest of entrepreneurs to the limits.  In this article, I’ll provide you with 10 Top Tips for getting your ducks in a row for launch.  In planning this article, I’ve ... Read More

Importance of personalisation

Personalisation is changing the way advertising is structured and changing the way we think.  Personalised messages and offers are being sent to consumers via smarthphones, laptops and TVs.  The opportunity for digital marketeers is huge Everyone in the world is different; we’ve been aware of that for a very long time, but we haven’t always been able to commercialise on ... Read More

Web Summit

The team at ICS recently attended the Web Summit in Dublin where over 22,000 tech entrepreneurs, investors, corporates and speakers all gathered together to debate the future of online technology.  To hear our thoughts on the key themes coming out of the Conference, read our recently published blog