Image courtesy of Chanpipat at This week's blog comes from guest blogger, Mark Roger, director of Vivolution Ltd.One of the hardest decisions for any start up and entrepreneur is recognizing and accepting that they need managerial support. But determining when this is required is often a challenge and a topic of hot debate. All too often it is at ... Read More

Incubation vs. Acceleration Programmes

As a tech innovator in Scotland you’re likely to be sniffing out all the support you can get to help you launch your business, get it to market and, or help it grow. With a host of different support systems on offer, it can be tough to work out exactly who does what and which option might be most appropriate ... Read More

Scotland’s Incubation Landscape

A business incubator is commonly defined as an organisation, public or private, that is set up to accelerate the growth and success of innovative or entrepreneurial businesses. Offering support across a whole range of areas such as premises, funding, coaching and networking, more and more incubation centres are popping up across the UK. In Scotland, there are lots of organisations saying ... Read More