Customer Engagement & Retention Online – Turning ‘Visitors’ into Customers

Date: Thurs 24th September 2015, 9:30am - 12:30pm (registration from 08:45) Location: Hillington Park Innovation Centre, Glasgow, G52 4RU Customer Engagement has recently become one of the industry’s key buzz phrases but what it really means is the process behind regularly communication and interaction with different customers across lots of different communication channels. Your business will have a website, you ... Read More

Writing Killer Blogs and getting them noticed

Teach me BloggingYou can find a copy of Sara Lee's presentation hereView Presentation More and more businesses are turning to blogs to replace static news pages, help improve the SEO on their website and ensure there is regular fresh content to distribute via their social channels. Does your business currently write your own blogs? Do you have a schedule of ... Read More

Importance of personalisation

Personalisation is changing the way advertising is structured and changing the way we think.  Personalised messages and offers are being sent to consumers via smarthphones, laptops and TVs.  The opportunity for digital marketeers is huge Everyone in the world is different; we’ve been aware of that for a very long time, but we haven’t always been able to commercialise on ... Read More