Keeping your Business Innovative

Image courtesy of samuiblue at Innovation is the lifeblood of any tech start-up in Scotland (or anywhere else in the world for that matter) and many people find their first innovation their most exciting.  In many ways, that’s understandable, but to have a long and successful business, it’s important to maintain innovation as part of your mindset and stick ... Read More

Alba Incubation Clients sweep the floor at the recent Edge Awards

IbisVision were 1 of 16 companies  leaving the recent ScoEDGE awards with a prestigious award and a £50k cash sum.  They were joined by  fellow medtech company Metix Medical who swooped one of the Young Edge awards and Nautilus Beam who won £10k in the Wildcard Edge. As clients of the Alba Incubation service, Scottish Enterprises’ virtual support programme for … Read More

Another Successful Innovation Centre Graduation

Bridgeall started their life in the Hillington Park Innovation Centre with a small team of 2 people and grew that team to 30 full time employees when they graduated from the Innovation Centre at the start of 2015. Bridgeall is a leading IT development and IT services company delivering and supporting solutions on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, .Net and the ... Read More

Glasgow Dental Hospital making significant advances using DI4D Systems

Background Facial expressions are crucial for communication and social interaction. The aim of surgical interventions are to at least maintain or improve facial function in terms of speech, facial expression, mastication, as well as maintaining a good level of facial attractiveness. Patients with an abnormal range of facial movements resulting from, for example, craniofacial disharmony such as cleft lip and ... Read More

Scotland’s Incubation Landscape

A business incubator is commonly defined as an organisation, public or private, that is set up to accelerate the growth and success of innovative or entrepreneurial businesses. Offering support across a whole range of areas such as premises, funding, coaching and networking, more and more incubation centres are popping up across the UK. In Scotland, there are lots of organisations saying ... Read More