Funding Specialist Surgery

Date: Thursday 19th November, 9:30am - 4:30pm, 45 min timeslots available. Location: Hillington Park Innovation Centre, Glasgow, G52 4RU Are you currently raising funding or investment for your business? Do you need support finding the right funding or investment route for your business? Book 45 minute surgery with funding and investment expert Kevin Lonergan of Innovation Centres Scotland Ltd, where you can explore ... Read More

5 latest trends in Crowdfunding

Image courtesy of zdiviv at Crowdfunding is quite a revolution in the financial world.  In the good old days, when entrepreneurs wanted to raise funds they had to either go to a bank, a VC or sniff out a potential investor with sufficient cash to spare.  Crowdfunding has changed this approach completely. A great way to put borrowers and ... Read More

Public Funding Opportunities for Innovation, Job Creation & Internationalisation

Date: Tues 2nd June, 9:30am - 12:30pm, (registration from 8.45am). 121 meetings from 1pm – 3pm. Location: Hillington Park Innovation Centre, Glasgow, G52 4RU Presentations Alba Innovation Centre, Introduction - Peter Andrew, ICS Ltd Funding Options for Tech Start ups - Kevin Lonergan, Alba Incubation Service Funding Innovative Products the SMART way  - Andrew Ingram, SE Securing SMART Funding - Stefan Raue, Bizvento ... Read More

How to access public sector support for your business

For any tech start-up in Scotland (and anywhere else for that matter) there are two factors that commonly present a real challenge and they are time and cash.  While you might feel like you’ve exhausted all possibilities of obtaining support on either front, there are often opportunities that are lurking in the background that you mightn’t be aware of.  Public ... Read More