Pioneering performance capture companies combine to offer a new mo-cap experience

Vancouver, British Columbia – [August 10, 2015] – Leading motion- and facial-capture companies Animatrik Film Design Inc. and Dimensional Imaging Ltd (DI4D™) have announced the launch of an exciting new collaboration. This alliance of mo-cap expertise will see state-of-the-art facial performance capture services delivered to the VFX and video game communities across North America.

Both companies are highly respected performance capture and virtual production specialists, with in-depth knowledge and experience as to what makes for high-quality mo-cap. In the past, Animatrik and DI4D’s technology has been used on such high-profile projects as Image Engine’s Chappie, Microsoft’s popular Gears of War series and Valve Corporation’s Left 4 Dead. The new collaboration will allow both companies to bring even more true-to-life and ground-breaking animation to similar projects in the coming months.

Animatrik has licensed Dimensional Imaging’s world-leading DI4D facial performance capture software and purchased DI4D systems, which it will operate from its Vancouver and Toronto motion capture studios. Animatrik will also offer an “on-location” DI4D facial performance capture service, which has been seen before in projects such as Microsoft’s Halo.

Brett Ineson, CEO of Animatrik Film Design Inc., explains-

“The collaboration with DI4D marks another huge step forward for Animatrik. In order to continue to win industry leading motion capture projects, it is essential that Animatrik is able to offer the very best quality facial performance capture possible. DI4D offers the highest fidelity facial performance capture solution that we have seen, and we are therefore delighted to now be able to offer this to our highly demanding VFX and video games customers.”  

Colin Urquhart, CEO of DI4D, said-

“DI4D is delighted to be working with Animatrik, who are now established as one of the industry’s leading motion capture and virtual production service providers. By collaborating with Animatrik, we expect to make our world-leading DI4D facial performance capture solution much more accessible to the VFX and video game communities across North America. Animatrik has recently completed some amazing movie and video game projects and we are very excited that Animatrik will use DI4D to deliver high fidelity facial performance capture on future projects.”

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