Are flexible displays the future for touchscreen devices?

On the face of it, flexible displays aren’t all that complicated, they’re simply displays that can be rolled up, made to fit curved shapes or pretty much bent to suit any configuration.  But, strictly speaking display means a whole lot more than we give it credit for in the day-to-day use of the word.  Technically, the term display refers to ... Read More

Online vs Offline PR

PR can be a valuable and effective part of any company’s marketing and for you as a Scottish tech innovator could help raise awareness and build credibility for your start up. It’s a great way to get your business noticed, but as a promotional tool, it often gets forgotten about today.  In the good old days, PR Ladies (yes, for ... Read More

10 Top Tips to Consider when Hiring Staff

This week's blog comes from guest blogger Lisa Thomson, founder of Purpose HR. Finding and hiring top talent is one of the biggest challenges to growing a successful business and an area I am regularly asked for support and advice on from clients. Hiring for an early stage tech business or start-up can be particularly challenging: you need to move ... Read More

7 top applications for IoT technology in day-to-day life

Image, KROMKRATHOG at The Internet of Things or IoT is all about the interconnection and interaction of digital and physical devices, systems and services using the Internet. And this whole notion of connecting “things” to the Internet is sure to impact on the way we live our lives significantly in the future.  Imminently, we’re about to see our homes ... Read More

Keeping your Business Innovative

Image courtesy of samuiblue at Innovation is the lifeblood of any tech start-up in Scotland (or anywhere else in the world for that matter) and many people find their first innovation their most exciting.  In many ways, that’s understandable, but to have a long and successful business, it’s important to maintain innovation as part of your mindset and stick ... Read More

5 latest trends in Crowdfunding

Image courtesy of zdiviv at Crowdfunding is quite a revolution in the financial world.  In the good old days, when entrepreneurs wanted to raise funds they had to either go to a bank, a VC or sniff out a potential investor with sufficient cash to spare.  Crowdfunding has changed this approach completely. A great way to put borrowers and ... Read More


Image courtesy of Chanpipat at This week's blog comes from guest blogger, Mark Roger, director of Vivolution Ltd.One of the hardest decisions for any start up and entrepreneur is recognizing and accepting that they need managerial support. But determining when this is required is often a challenge and a topic of hot debate. All too often it is at ... Read More

Incubation vs. Acceleration Programmes

As a tech innovator in Scotland you’re likely to be sniffing out all the support you can get to help you launch your business, get it to market and, or help it grow. With a host of different support systems on offer, it can be tough to work out exactly who does what and which option might be most appropriate ... Read More

Choosing the best brand agency for your business

Image courtesy of KROMKRATHOG at Brands are everywhere. No matter where we look, we’re faced with brands.  From Apple to Aldi, they touch pretty much every aspect of our lives.  However, all too often, Scottish tech start-ups miss out on the benefits that branding can bring because they think they’re too small or worse still, too insignificant to invest ... Read More

Scotland’s Incubation Landscape

A business incubator is commonly defined as an organisation, public or private, that is set up to accelerate the growth and success of innovative or entrepreneurial businesses. Offering support across a whole range of areas such as premises, funding, coaching and networking, more and more incubation centres are popping up across the UK. In Scotland, there are lots of organisations saying ... Read More