Virtual incubation support for your tech business

Geographically, Scotland is a big country and as a nation we’re lucky to have more than our fair share of innovators and entrepreneurs, but not all of them are within reach of a physical innovation centre. It’s for this reason that at ICS we have worked to develop an effective and successful Virtual Incubation Service.

By embracing technology, the Incubation Centre concept and service becomes a without-limits support mechanism; virtual incubation support. The ICS Virtual Incubation Service means that clients aren’t tied to any location; no matter where they are in Scotland, they can access expert advice and support to ensure that their start-up is all it can be.

At ICS we use digital tools to reach out to our remote clients in the first instance. Skype and webcast mean that solid relations can be built, no matter where the client is based and where it adds value, advisers visit remote clients on their own patch. This Virtual Incubation Service creates and nurtures a wider network for everyone involved in innovation in Scotland, serving as a source of new contacts and a broader prospecting platform all round.

If you run a tech start up and would like to find out more about our Virtual Incubation Service, why not get in touch? Alternatively, if you’re in charge of an institution or an organisation and would like to investigate the possibility of ICS running Virtual Incubation Services on your behalf, contact us today.