Finding the right location for your business

Being a tech innovator can be lonely, and even the most competent and confident entrepreneur has doubts and fears at some stage in their business development.  Start-up owners have to wear many business hats and often have to be master of all trades. For many entrepreneurs, this can be wearing and isolating. This is why basing your business in a community of like-minded people can reap huge rewards for innovators.

Our focus is on matching our clients’ business growth aspirations with the right physical accommodation in the right environment and the right advisor to maximize the development and growth opportunities. Mindful that clients’ needs are forever changing, the arrangements we put in place at any one time are continually assessed to ensure they remain appropriate, effective and optimized. We adopt a team approach across the board, allowing us to bring specialist skills to the table wherever and whenever a client need arises. Working with teams of highly skilled and experienced advisers we achieve great results that are borne out by the number of businesses that have successfully progressed from incubation to achieving their global goals (link to case studies).

In relation to office accommodation, the facilities that we provide at Hillington Park Innovation Centre (Link) and Alba Innovation Centre (link) have been optimized to meet the IT, digital and communications needs of our tech clients and again are regularly monitored for effectiveness. We offer comprehensive onsite facilities and reception support that are available on flexible licenses, complete with facilities support. This accommodation solution means that businesses can be up and running with a supported, credible and professional presence within a matter of hours.

If you run a tech start up and would like to find out more about the support we can offer to find the right location for your business, why not get in touch? Alternatively, if you’re in charge of an institution or an organisation and would like to investigate the possibility of ICS running a Innovation or Incubation Centre on your behalf, contact us today.