Investment Mentoring Programme

Securing any form of business borrowing in the UK is tough and it’s particularly tough for tech start-ups.

At ICS, we use our contacts and expertise to secure the best investment and funding for the start-up owners we work with. We have a robust and proven financial modeling process to source and attract the best possible packages. We’ve successfully raised over £24M for our clients to date.

We have a solid understanding of the investment arena and work hard to identify the best possible match for our clients, whether it be angel, equity, debt or grant funding or a mix of one or more of these.

We carry out due diligence with tech start-up owners to make sure they’re investor ready and once we’re satisfied that they’ll “pass the muster”; we help them define and refine their pitch. We’re acutely aware at ICS that all investors are different and our Investment Mentoring Programme helps start-up owners tailor their pitch to appeal to potential investors, giving it the best possible chance of success attracting the funds they need. Add to this the fact that we have our finger firmly on the pulse of the investment market and it’s clear to see that the ICS Investment Mentoring Programme is a truly valuable opportunity for tech start-up companies in Scotland.

If you run a tech start up and would like to find out more about our Virtual Incubation Service, why not get in touch? Alternatively, if you’re in charge of an institution or an organisation and would like to investigate the possibility of ICS running Virtual Incubation Services on your behalf, contact us today.