ICS can help you build and operate your Innovation Centre through all stages of development from initial conception and outlining the services, to the day-to-day operation. We have over 15 years experience in operating award winning Innovation Centres. Our first flag ship project, Hillington Park Innovation Centre, was opened in 2000 and has seen over 250 clients make it their business base during this period. Alba Innovation Centre was opened in 2003 and is today the UKBI’s ONLY accredited Innovation Centre in Scotland.

What makes ICS different is the fact that we can help in a range of areas



Planning and implementing




Conceptualise: If you have identified a niche group of innovative SME’s who will create economic growth for your local area or country, you may consider developing an Innovation Centre to help nuture and develop this innovation. ICS can help you develop the concept for your Innovation Centre and help you create a strategic plan which will meet the requirements of your SME’s, stakeholders and partners.

Plan and Implement: ICS have developed a range of models to support the planning and implementation phases of getting your Innovation Centre up and running. These models include incubation support, market focus and developing key links, accommodation and facilities and building communities.

Deliver: As experts in our field, we can help you get your business up and running and support you through your development phases. We can help you to generate new clients and support you through our High Growth Programme.

Please contact us  if you would like to discuss how we can help you build and operate your Innovation Centre.