Hillington Park Innovation Centre

ICS helps businesses GROW at Hillington Park Innovation Centre

Hillington Park Innovation Centre (HPIC) is an excellent example of business incubation. Established in 2000, HPIC is one of the leading innovation centres in the UK. It became one of the first incubation centres in the UK to attain the industry’s highest accreditation standard from UKBI for best practice.

HPIC was established by Scottish Enterprise and MEPC, a prominent name in UK commercial property for over 60 years. HPIC was one of the first private/public sector initiatives and is now operated by Innovation Centres Scotland (ICS) Ltd on behalf of Hillington Park.

HPIC is all about its clients! With 190 companies choosing to locate their business in the Centre over the last 12 years, HPIC has become an instrumental part in helping grow a high proportion of Scotland’s leading young, innovative, mostly technology companies. Over the ten years, HPIC has nurtured 145 of its tenant companies to a stage where they have outgrown the support provided by HPIC and have graduated from the Centre, to be replaced by younger, less experienced companies who need the incubation environment to grow their business. The Centre is proud to have supported many of Scotland’s leading innovative companies including  Dimensional Imaging Lightweight Medical, OLM, (formerly Hanon solutions), 4cDesign, S3i, idox PLC, Pharmacells, Pulsion Technology, Bridgeall Technologies, Andritz Hydro Hammerfest UK Ltd, Virtual Interconnect and Kelvin Connect to name but a few who continue to thrive and prosper.

Companies who choose to locate in HPIC have access to modern state-of-the-art facilities and accommodation, expert business advice from ICS and support and a ready-made community of like-minded entrepreneurs. ICS can offer your business expert advice and support to help you at all stages in your business growth. Our incubation team can offer your business key elements of advice including:

  • Securing Investment and Funding Packages
  • Commercialisation Advice
  • Business Modelling and Planning
  • Growing Your Team

We also have a wealth of global contacts from across the tech sector including Corporates, Public Sector, Universities, Intermediaries, SME’s and supply chain and we will link your business into the appropriate people where we identify a good match.

ICS also deliver a network of sector focused and skills based events from within the Innovation Centre tailored to your business needs.

As part of their licence, each client of HPIC will be matched with an ICS Centre Adviser who will provide your business with the support and network links your business needs to succeed.   This support and advice is also available to companies on the wider Hillington Park who meet the growth criteria. Contact us to find out if you are eligible.

To find out how we can help “Grow Your Business” contact Graeme Currie on 07714 411835 or GCurrie@lesl.org

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